Cracked Heels Treatment

Having dry skin is indeed a troublesome disorder that some do encounter. There are many reasons why one experience having a dry skin like dry cracked hands. Whether its the palm of your hands or the heels in your feet, it is an annoying and sometimes painful disorder. Talking about dry heels, is perhaps one of the worse dry skin disorders you want to avoid. Cracked heels is not just troublesome but also painful in most cases. Fortunately, there’s a lot of cracked heel remedies available out there today. From natural and traditional remedy for cracked heels to the numerous advanced treatment for crack heels today, one can fight off dry and cracked heels with ease.

Cracked heels doesn’t usually occur by itself. It can be caused by skin exposure to alkalinic compounds such as bleach. It can also be caused by lack of water content in the body and certain diseases. Our skin generally has two layers, the epidermis or the outer layer and the dermis which is the inside of your flesh. Cracked heels treatment tackles both these layers of skin by hydrating them both. Ordinary moisturizers cannot be used as effective cracked heels treatment because it only hydrates the epidermis. It is the dermis that contain the water-holding tissues of your skin thus provide the right kind of hydration on your skin to avoid dryness. However, you may need a more special kind of cracked heels treatment if it is proven to be caused by a certain disease like a fungal infection or bacteria.

There are certain cracked heels treatments that you can do at home for those common dry and cracked heels. One common and cheap cracked heels treatment is to dip your heels in a relatively warm water for a few minutes which is done four to five times a day. This will hydrate your skin with water in a natural way. Another is by using petroleum jelly to contain the moisture of the skin and avoid flaking and peeling of dry skin. Still, the best natural cracked heels treatment to defeat this troublesome disorder is to have a proper diet. The health of your skin largely depends on the kind of food intake or diet you are having. Eating Vitamin E rich foods promote healthy skin. Water intake should also be in a normal or better levels.

However, if you are having a different kind of dry and cracked heels where there is itching and bleeding involved. One is advised to consult a doctor to determine the kind of crack heels treatment needed. The common crack heels treatments mentioned above aren’t advisable to those caused by a certain disease, fungi, or bacteria. To avoid all these problems to occur in the first place, eat healthy and practice good hygiene that includes your feet.