Dry Cracked Hands

Everyone suffers from dry cracked hands at some point or another. This is a common ailment that can make ones hands look quite ugly and unattractive. Sometimes, having dry cracked hands can also turn out to be quite an embarrassing experience when one has to shake with rough, calloused hands at a social occasion. However, those suffering from this problem need not despair as the treatment for dry cracked hands is quite a simple one. The best way to ensure that this problem does not occur is to prevent the hands from getting too dry in the first place. There are several ways to learn how to heal dry cracked hands.

Dry cracked hands can be prevented by ensuring that the hands get enough moisture on a daily basis and do not succumb to dry or chilly weather. One can follow the simple method of applying a little bit of the face cream or moisturizer that one uses everyday on the hands too.

One may need to wash his hands quite frequently during the day before and after mealtimes. It is advisable to dry them off with a soft towel and apply a moisturizing lotion on them every time that they are washed. Too much washing of hands without application of a hydrating agent can easily result in dry cracked hands.

If the problem of dry cracked hands has already occurred, one can apply a mixture of glycerin and rose water on them daily before sleeping. Glycerin helps in repairing damaged skin and heals dry areas of the skin. This can even be used several times during the day whenever the hands begin to feel too dry.

Another dry cracked hands treatment is to use baby oil on them once in a while. A little bit of cotton can be used to apply the oil on dry areas to get rid of dry, flaky skin.

A mild hand scrub can be used to get rid of the dry skin so that a softer layer of skin is revealed underneath. After the scrub has been washed off, the new layer of skin should be moisturized intensely to prevent it from getting dehydrated.

There are several good hand moisturizing serums and lotions that are available in the market like Ponds dry skin cream. They are manufactured to combat the specific problem of dry cracked hands and can heal them rapidly. There also also products like these used for cracked heels treatment. These treatments usually consist of packages with two or three different bottles containing creams and serums that are to be applied as per the instructions provided on the containers. A dermatologist should be consulted before these are used as some people may be allergic to certain ingredients contained in these products.