Skin Rashes That Itch

Rashes, or also known as dermatitis, are the swelling or irritation of the skin that is most commonly caused by skin inflammation. Rashes usually come in the form of bumps, pimples, lumps, or blisters and can cause the skin to be red, itchy, dry, and scaly. There are some rashes that swell and some that do not. Also, some types are caused by infections and some that comes along with a fever. But the most irritating of all these types are the skin rashes that itch.

Skin rashes that itch are uncomfortable, annoying, and extremely distressing. Itchy skin rashes and dry cracked hands can immediately turn your days from bad to worse. Not only are they prickly and scratchy, they also bring about changes in your skins color and appearance and can cause extreme pain.

There are several factors that can cause skin rashes that itch and burn. Sometimes, these causes are associated with serious health conditions that need medical supervision, but usually, rashes are just superficial and do not have severe health implications. To help you figure out what are underlying reasons that bring about skin rashes that itch, here are some of the most common types and causes of skin rashes.

Chickenpox: Contagious and can last for several days, chickenpox is a condition that is brought about by the varicella virus. Rashes caused by this are particularly itchy and burns as well. It usually occurs in children, but with proper vaccination and medication, this can be prevented and treated.
Hives: Also known as wheal or urticaria, hives are red and spongy lesions in the skin that are surrounded by a flare. It is caused by the result of capillary dilation that paved way for fluids to leak out in the epidermis, which then causes swelling. It is one of the skin rashes that itch and can last for 6 weeks, more or less.

Poison ivy: This condition is caused by the skins exposure to urushiol, a resin found in the poison ivy plant. This rash is red, circular or linear in pattern, and comes with blisters. It can be treated by applying cold compress, ointments, proper washing, and antihistamine intake. Left untreated, it can last for 3 weeks.

Eczema: Closely linked to allergies, eczema is a skin rash that varies in appearance depending on the persons age. How long it will last is indefinite, but it can be prevented if the allergens that cause it are also avoided, since it is a result of the bodys abnormal response to the immune system.

These are only some examples of skin rashes that itch. To know more about these conditions, you can browse for pictures of skin rashes that itch online and associated symptoms of skin rashes and skin diseasess.